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"Caring for your horse from the first  touch."


Balanced Equus is a family owned and operated business dedicated to the wellness, performance, overall health and longevity of your horse. Starting with a biomechanical assessment, performed by founder and certified equine Fascial Integration Therapist Roxana Soler, we assess behavior, gait, range of motion and perform a pain test in order to develop a custom rehabilitation plan for your horse.

Because horses cannot verbally communicate with us, they use their body language to relay messages of pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, we do not always listen and mistake it for poor ground manners or lack of training.  This was Roxana's experience when at an early age she suffered an accident on a horse. While the accident could have been much worse, it left her with pain, limited range of motion and to this day occasional flare-ups on one of her ankles. Even though she was young, she always wondered if the horse had the same pain and difficulties as she did after the accident. Looking back the horse was trying to communicate that he was in pain but, our lack of knowledge prompted us to classify him as difficult. 

This experience among other circumstances was the catalyst to Roxana's pursuit for a career where she could do what she loved and make a difference. Growing up in a family that owned horses and being a rider herself, Roxana learned about the strong bond between human and horse. Understanding this has been an invaluable asset in our physiotherapy practice.


Our main goal is to help the horse by involving the owners and caretakers in the rehabilitation process. No matter the discipline, Balanced Equus will work with your veterinarian, farrier, and trainer to create a well balanced and solid management team for your horse.  



Horses are supposed to carry 60-65% of their weight on their front quarters, 35-40% in their hind quarters and 50-50 on both left and right side of the body. When the horse starts creating compensation patterns due to pain, injury, etc. it will overload certain parts of his body with more weight then it should carry in order to be able to continue moving. 

EFIT's main focus is myofascial release which is the thin membrane that connects and protects the soft tissue. When the fascia tightens, it limits range of motion causing a decline in the horses performance. Through the manipulation of this membrane along with release of the muscles, tendons and ligaments physiotherapy will restore the horse's biomechanical balance. 

Some benefits of EFIT are:

- Increase in performance
- Reduces or eliminates pain
- Increases range of motion
- Behavioral issues caused by pain may disappear

- Willingness and attitude improvement


Naples, Florida

Tel: (305)721-6571


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